Leo Fuentes and Aspen goes straight to gay

Straight To Gay Porn has just released a brand new series called ‘My Boyfriends Ex’ which has been filmed by the award winning team Men.com and the first episode stars Leo Fuentes and Aspen.

The Gay Porn Movie

What would you do if you were with your boyfriend and his ex-phoned up to ask if he can stay with him for a couple of days? Would you let him in because you love your str8 gay boyfriend, or would you tell him where to stick it? Could you trust him with his ex, not to have gay sex whilst you were out of the room, or would you secretly hope for a chance of a threesome? Either way, surely you should respect whatever your boyfriend wants, who knows what could happen? It could turn out to be more fun than either of you realize.
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In this movie, Aspen and Leo Fuentes are sitting outside in the garden when Aspen’s phone goes off. He answers it, and Leo wonders what he is speaking about, especially when he calls Leo his roommate and not boyfriend.
Leo askes some questions when Aspen gets off the phone, and Aspen tells him that it was an old boyfriend on the phone and he needs a place to stay for a couple of nights as he is down getting an interview. Leo doesn’t seem too happy about this, but agrees for him to stay.
Later that day when his ex turns up played by Charlie Pattinson, Leo shows off his jealous side but tries to keep quiet.
In bed later that night Aspen can sense that Leo is jealous, so after a few words, they start kissing which makes Leo, and his cock, feel a lot better about everything.
Aspen sits up in bed with his head against the headboard as Leo leans over, pulls his pants down and sucks on Aspen’s rock hard cock and plays with his balls. Aspen groans out in a deep excites sigh as Leo knows how to turn him on.
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Leo soon forgets about how jealous he is as Aspen then takes over as he sucks and stokes on Leo’s thick juicy cock. He soon feels even better when he feels his cock slide between Aspen’s concrete butt cheeks and deep into his ass as Aspen climbs on top of his cock and sits on his cock. Both guys are so turned on that their sounds of fucking can be heard all over the house. Even though you don’t see it, I am sure that Charlie is in the spare room pumping on his own cock as he hears Leo and Aspen fucking like crazy.
Aspen then gets fucked on his back in the missionary position until Leo Fuentes can’t hold back any more. He pulls his cock out of Aspen’s ass, and with the amount of cum he shoots over Aspen’s body, it’s like he hasn’t had sex in a while there is so much of it. Aspen jerks himself off, and soon spurts his creamy white cum over himself.

The Homo Stars

Leo Fuentes is very cute with a smooth chest. He has pumped his body up since he first started working in porn, and his body and ass are nice and tight.
He is a versatile top with a seven inch cut dick, he is five feet ten inches tall, has brown hair and cheeky brown eyes. Leo has stared in 27 hardcore movies for Men.com, and in his last movie ‘Gaybait Part 3’ he gets his ass fucked all over the bed by gay porn star Dalton Briggs.
Aspen is another porn star whose body has improved since he started in porn. His muscles rip and he has got such great nipples that make you want to chew greedily on them.
He is a six foot 1 inch hunk with dark blonde hair and deep blue eyes. He is a top (usually) and has a seven inch cut cock.
Aspen has stared in 27 movies for Men.com, and in his last movie ‘Two Timing Whore’ he has a great threesome with Vadim Black and Luke Adams.
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